How to remove default widgets of WordPress dashboard

Remove default widgets of WordPress dashboard WordPress comes with some default widgets, i.e Activity, Quick Draft, WordPress News etc. Sometimes you may feel disgusted to see them on dashboard and wish to remove unnecessary widgets. There are a lot of plugins that can help you clean you dashboard. And you can do the same with


How to clone or add new user roles – WordPress

WordPress is probably the best CMS (Content Management System) application to create dynamic websites easily. It shortens your development time and makes you comfortable. In my previous post, I discussed about How to rename user roles in WordPress. It will be a nice solution if you have below or equal to 5 member types in


How to rename user roles – WordPress

It’s become a big question that, How to rename user roles of WordPress. By default WordPress has five user roles. They are Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor and Administrator. Each of them has different capabilities and access levels in WordPress where Administrator is the most powerful and Subscriber is the lowest. An Administrator can do almost

How to transfer large files from one server to another in seconds

Transfer large files from one server to another in seconds

Few days ago, I was working for one my clients from the USA. I was asked to transfer his site from BlueHost to HostGator! The task was so easy. I told him that, it may require around one hour to transfer his entire site. But, when I logged in to the cPanel, I wonder that,


Visitor Counter for WordPress (Hit Counter)

You often wanted to show a hit counter for your WordPress site. There are a lot of plugins to solve this issue. But why are you making your site slower? Never use a plugin, if it’s really not needed. Avoid plugins if you can do it yourself by a small code snippet. Here is how

Get back to an older version of WordPress (Downgrade WP)

Usually we upgrade an application for some reasons like security, new features etc. But, sometimes we may need to downgrade WP (or any application). Few days ago, I was using a theme for one of my WordPress sites. A newer version of WP released and I upgraded it. Then I faced a problem. The pagination


Bengali Digits in WordPress (WP Hacks 01)

As you’re reading this article, I guess you are a proud WordPressian and you have interests on WordPress like me. Have you ever wanted to convert the digits into Bengali (or other language) while translating a site? You can easily translate your site to another language using a language pack. And absolutely it was never

Who am I?

Nobody could teach me who am I! Someone can describe parts of me, but who I am and what I need is something I have to find out myself. I just know, I am a boy having a very big heart full of love for my country, countrymen, my family and friends. I am a


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful!

Read! In the name of your Lord who created: He created man from a clinging form. Read! Your Lord Is the Most Bountiful One who taught by pen, who taught man what he did not know. [Al-Qur'an: Al-Alaq]